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Exhibit the Exterior

  1. Roof and Gutters
    • Repair or replace loose, damaged or blistered shingles
    • Clean gutters and downspout strainers
    • Check gutters for leaks and proper alignment
    • Inspect flashings around roof stacks, vents, skylights and chimneys
    • Clear obstructions from vents, louvers and chimneys
    • Check fascias and soffits for decay and peeling paint
    • Inspect chimney for any loose or missing mortar

    Exterior Walls

    • Re-nail loose siding and check for warping or decay
    • Paint siding, if necessary
    • Check masonry walls for cracks or any other damage
    • Replace loose or missing caulking


    • Repair concrete or blacktop, if necessary


    • Lubricate hinges and other hardware on your garage door
    • Inspect doors and windows for any peeling paint
    • Check condition of glazing around all windows
    • Test electrical outlets


    • Check walls, steps, retaining walls, walkways and patios for cracks, heaving or crumbling


    • Mow lawn, reseed or sod, if necessary
    • Trim hedges, prune trees and shrubs
    • Weed and mulch flower beds

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